Sunday, July 25, 2010

MY Theory of Undercover boss

i am working in hospitality industry.. it is very hard industry with low salary. they said it is about lifestyle. in this industry, i believe everybody have to work hard like a slave and act like a puppet. if you are a supervisor, just stand in the cashiering desk and look pretty.

i dont think hospitality need a bachelor for it.. if i am a prime minister, i will take hospitality course in tafe, highschool, even in university off. cos no one in this world want to be a waiter for their dream jobs. a lot of asian (just like me and my family), think that if we have (or their children have) a bachelor degree, as soon as they graduate they will be at least a supervisor.... BIG MISTAKE.

my theory of the place that im on at the moment... they taught us about human truth: to be in control, reach their potential, to be understood, to feel special, and to be in control. they do it.... i believe.. but they are only do it for their pets.. if you are not their pets... sorry dude we are in the same column.. the "left over" and the "filled in". "left over" and "filled in" is support people who is there for their convinient..

i watch undercover boss where CEO and HIGH MANAGER even an OWNER work for 1 week in their company but in each different place everday.. as entry level.. i really wish one of the high end manager of the company that im working with atm do that... not that they will be noticed... they could find someone to do that observation... to see a lot of people that not very happy in that place.

im putting this entry is not only because im upset with my job but also disappointed. my general manager just retired he mentioned that do not stop dreaming cause his dream actually happened. is he a pet? when is dreams become hard to be reached? when is the dream need to stop while they always see us as "filled in"?

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