Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Theory of dieting

When u do diet.. U want to make a life time rite.. im a human and like ten thousands girl with low self esteem in body size i do tried lots of kind diets

its better for me to describe it for u:

1. lemon detox :

basically its lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and something else.. so basically it like "cleansing" your body and they said u can lose weight up to 10 kg in 1 week.. it works like this.. everytime you hungry.. u drink those shit.. first day u feel ok.. i get u day 3 u'll feel shit ass.. cos its really unhealty...

2. meat only (grilled)

only work in 1 week.. this is not a deliberatly doing.. just too lazy and just bought new griller.. after eat only meat.. feels so sick... and ofcourse my bladder didnt smooth as usual...


try this.. this is very work for u that sick in the head. i manage to stop and realise that really bad habbit that i have....

4. juice diet

basically same like lemon detox but only juice.. since im too lazy make my own.. i bought juice bottle (boost juice too expensive to sometimes)

and many more...

at this time, media is doing a big things regarding dieting.. most of the time front cover (if there arent major in the world happen), saying how the celebrity losing weight, what they eat and what they do..
but too much information does make me confuse for what is the best diet to do. once this tv programme saying that too much citrucy food is not good for your teeth... one of the food recomended to prevent your teeth getting crook is CHOCOLATE CAKE.... WTF!!!!
so shit over loaded shit wrongfull information.
Now i just believe on myself.. portion control and better food... eat more vegies and fruit.. and more exercise...

believe on yourself is much more better that reading shit magazine or any overloaded information.. like atkin diet, dukan diet, flat belly diet...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This Blog is started just to voice my opinion..
not so much rule in this space:
1. no negative opinion
2. open minded needed
3. if you have any suggestion please shout out loud