Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My THEORY of someone with grazy respect

Last weekend was so shit but fun...
What happen?
Someone rudely asked me y i didnt do what she asked me to do, since im short tempered, i raised my voiced and said "i was busy. Ill do this soon.."
The end of the nite, she urged me to talk to me..
The talk start like this
She "i appriciated for you to do it, however i didnt apriciate how you replied me... You were raising your voiced and banging the juice.. Since im you supervisor i want you to respect me"
Me " (what u r maniac respect now??) well i didnt think i raised my voice"
Sharply she said " yes u were"
Me "well i dont like the way u asked me"
And then she kept saying " in the end of the day, im your supervisor and you have to respect me"

You know what make me feel shit the most was the part of " in the end of the day im your supervisor, you have to respect me"
If anyone said that to you, i'll give you few options:
• since this person i know only for 2 months, i will say " lets just to know each other" (keep the tone down even you want to say u shit ass..)
• hey look, *u sh!twhole* u can assume anything i wont stop u... Respect is something u earn not instanly in there when u wear suit.

so look who ever you are if you wearing a suit and think that you are the top of everyone else just because you got the title, please think again.. you think u can hold people unfortunately everybody is LAUGHING AT YOU!!!!!!!

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