Sunday, April 24, 2011

my long lost theory

Ups... Been nearly one year.. (more..)

Things happen:
1. Went for 1 month holiday on september - october
Went to shanghai to see my friends getting married. And went to my lovely hometown.
Despite of having erupted volcano. I was there.. Ekekekkekeke

2. Got enggage (yayyy)
One nite (8th Dec), I am really tired been working since 7 am to 4 pm. Had a bit of nap, then the boy woke me up... Let's have dinner.. (The exact word "have dinner yuk you")
After dinner (I felt abit agitatted cos tired) he said let's go to see the lake.. (In my mind "God pleasseeee I need sleep") then he asked "The Question"

3. This is most excited. I moved to different industry (not completely)
I have been strugling in my last job since an accident happen last year.. I won't get any promotion, I don't feel happy, I hate every minute of it.. Finally with all the effort I got a job.. i went to different industry.. i was touch about my new boss. He was great, He stands up for me (about the wage) how can i asked for much more...
got extended for another 6 months and guess what.... I will get permanent job... Yaayyyyy

4. We just got a house.. More likely it's a shelter ATM... But we start small then by the time I know it it will be a home

5. Me n the boi got ourself a puppy.. Her name is misha and she is a shar pei ( picture coming) everybody loves her..

I think that's the only update I got for now